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Ultraman mebius and ultraman fighting evolution 0 game

All ultraman except Leo and Mebius have an alternate time mode along with ultraman their story mode.
Non-Playable Mother of Ultra : Appears only in cutscenes, where fighting she treats wounded Ultras, also usable as a game spirit ultraman Astra: Only appears as a spirit Alien Nackle : Appears as part of Black's King's finisher Yapool : The main antagonist of the game fighting Possessed Zoffy.
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Alternate Time Mode, in this mode you have the same matches but some of them are different.
After Zoffy gets injured fighting by saving the player, Mother Of Ultra will tell the player that he needs 3 days to recover.Effect: increase damage for ultraman normal and heavy attacks after combo.Then, the player can choose any Ultraman to fight with.By fighting an endless amount of monsters with any character that the player chooses, points can be earned that can be used to purchase extra features for the game's gallery.After you finish fighting with that Ultraman.Ultraseven (Press triangle to select the story 0 version).Ultraman Mebius, father of Ultra, eleking, Alien Baltan, Vakishim, zetton (Have to grasp his true potential after beating Chouju Vakishim after the story).

Playable: Ultraman mebius (Patrols Space game after the fighting story).
All Ultramen except Leo and Mebius have an alternate time mode along with their story evolution mode.
Genre, fighting, rating, cERO evolution A (All ages platform.
There is the stage mebius where you can battle game Alien Babalou early and also you will notice in the end you will also have to to beat Possessed Zoffy controlled by Yapool and in this mode there are less battles but the battles are harder.
Go to the PSP menu,go to the date time settings and, at least, set it to 3 days forward (or you can manually wait for 3 days).Ultraseven (Protects the Earth from monster attacks after the story).The spirit can be unlocked by buying it in the Extras Mode or unlocking during the fights in Story Mode.Ultraman Jack (Press triangle to select the story 0 version).Versus Modes Vs CPU:The player can select Ultramen or Monsters to fight each other.Battle Mode The "Survival" Mode to the game.Training Mode/Tutorial Mode In this mode, the player can learn or train with the game's basics.Every member of Ultra Brothers has their own story 0 version of spirit in this game with the exception of Father of Ultra, Mother of Ultra, Astra, Ultraman King, Ultraman Mebius and Seven's Superior.Effect: increase damage for grabbing and throwing attacks.Playable Characters Returning Characters New Characters Characters that are new to the Fighting Evolution series.Alien Hipporito, black King, alien Temperor, alien Babalou Stage: City Construction site Merry Go Round Sea fighting Land of Light Planet Golgota.You start the second battle with that Ultraman.Story mode for the Ultra Brothers takes place some time before the movie while Ultraman Mebius' story mode takes place after Ultraman, Ultraseven, Ultraman Jack and Ultraman Ace got stuck on Earth after fighting U-Killersaurus.Versus Modes, vs CPU: You can select Ultramen or Monsters to fight each other.

Ultraman Ace (Successfully destroys Planet Golgota after the story).
Effect: SP charges faster after using sp(effect can be increased by repeatedly using sp and ultraman mebius and ultraman fighting evolution 0 game using more powerful sp).
You continue the story as usual.