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The alamo fight for independence game

the alamo fight for independence game

The church was a cardboard box that was given the same spray paint treatment.
A small column of men attacked the south wall without support, and independence was shot to pieces.
Special Figures: The Texans have several special alamo figures with exceptional abilities - Davy Crockett: Crockett hits with his rifle on a roll independence of 3-6.
The Texan's artillery came from two boxes of imex Union and Confederate Artillery.
Santa Anna Mexican Reserves: independence Santa Anna is a special figure for the Mexicans.One box of Imex Alamo Defenders gave me 50 nice Texans, including New Orleans Grays, and figures for Crockett, Bowie, and Travis.If it fails it must stand in place until next turn.3041 Texas Glory:.99, in 1835 Texas fought for independence from Mexico.Jim Bowie: Bowie shoots successfully with a roll of 5-6, and hits in melee independence on a roll of 4-6.I game urge you to check out.Make 'em Eat Snakes alamo - Fast Play Rules for the Storming of the Alamo Home By, matt Fritz, version 2: I made independence some changes to these rules.They provide good cover while reloading, and can mean the difference between life and death.

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The Rules: Preliminary Bombardment: The Mexicans have three batteries for the bombardment.
The sixth column will be the reserve.
Four thousand Mexican soldiers stormed the walls of the Alamo, killing all of the defenders.Turning the lead base around to face the rear marks a split halted column.If a breach is created you can connection mark this by putting a small pile of gravel at the correct location.In the North accurate cannon fire stopped two Mexican columns, then forced them to retreat.Their force of 58 bases should be divided into 6 patch assault columns.There are three morale states: Advancing (move 6" forward Halted (stand in place and Retreating (move 6" away from merge the wall).Crossing a Breach or palisade: If the breach is defended the Mexicans may automatically send one base per turn through it merge to melee with the defenders.The table was.5' x 5 which is a bit too small.Texas Glory Flyer (PDF 730 contemporary K).Check out this collection of photos we love from some of our favorite video games.He may not enter the Alamo, and is immune to Texan fire.However another column of Mexicans had succeeded in raising their ladders and had gained a foothold on the walls.