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Sap r 3 transaction codes

sap r 3 transaction codes

Fmmi rffmiu01 Mass Maintenance transaction of Open Intervals fmna saplfmkt Display CBA Rules fmnb rffmsn81 CBA Budget Objects fmnd rffmsn21 Actual Distribution in CBA fmng rffmsn41 CE: Actual Distr.
DDB_C00 Transaction Data: dddb_HAS_inst DDB_C01 Transaction Data: dddb_HAS_VAL DDB_C02 DDB Change Messages (Configuration) DDB_C03 Configuration Transac.
CJ00 rcsigsea Find Digital Signatures CJ01 saplcjwb Create transaction Work Breakdown Structure CJ02 saplcjwb Change Work Breakdown Structure CJ03 saplcjwb Display Work Breakdown Structure CJ06 saplcjwb Create Project Definition CJ07 saplcjwb Change Project Definition CJ08 saplcjwb Display Project Definition CJ11 saplcjwb Create WBS Element CJ12 saplcjwb.
(General okrh rkkbkkb1 Table Maintenance for Report transaction List okri rkkbkkb2 Table Maintenance for Report Layout okrz rkkrtgen Hierarchy ID for Process Mfg oksa rkkbbgen Generate transaction Reports for Internal Order oksb rkkbjbin Import Reports for Repetitive codes Mfg oksc rkkbjbex Export Reports for Make-to-Order oksd rkkbjbin Import.
Real estate FO/I sapmmcy1 Change groups except.Values CFC6 rciflogc Configuration of CIF Application Lo CFC9 rcifaps2 Target-System-Ind.Sets opdw setcopy2 Com-file (Rel-Info/olpk) codes KOP.T609S Goods Receipt vsbsms sdsbwapsms sbwap Reporting codes VSB1 saplvedsbwapr Self-Billing Proc.Simplified View IQS22 transaction sapliqs0 Process Notif.

Trade: Change kobra Documents VEM4 rvexreor Merge: converter EU - Commodity Code vepr rmprefdi Customs log VEU4 rvexsova Load Commodity Code-Other Countries VEU4X rvexsos2 Load Commodity Code-Other Countries vexu rvexvex1 Foreign Trade: Add extrastat Data brushes vexux rvexvefu FT-GOV: Change transaction extrasta VE01 rvexst00 intrastat: Selection Dispatch.
Plan: Overview ksccn saplkal1 Indirect Acty Alloc.
Groups tlmh sapmkxhi Maintain hierarchy tlmj rkchinod Maintain Hierarchy Nodes tlmk rkdmkcik Maintain Key Figures tlmm sapmkcb9 Limit Mgmt: Drilldown Test Monitor tlmo rkcobtr2 Transport Reports tlmp rkcobtr4 Transport Forms tlmq rkcobtr3 Import Reports from Client 000 lync tlmr rkcobtr5 Import Forms from Client 000 tlms.Data: General Value Set DDB_C04 Value Structure for Reading Characteristic Values from DDB DDB_C05 Presentation Messages for DDB Instances DDB_C06 Describes a characteristic value, as in priority tables DDB_C07 Price Factors for Variant Conditions DDB_ITP DDB: General Object Type DDB_PO Part-of Structure in Configuration (DDB).Sets openps openps Download Activities to Palm Pilot OPE9 sapms01C Maintain User Profile opfp sapmkfpc Configuring the Fixed Price Version opfr01 rpucorf0PBS rpucorf0PBS : IMG Link OPF0 sapms01J Maintain User OPH1 rffmdl82 CO Cash Bgt Mgmt: Delete Actual Dat OPH2 rkfmdl83 PS Cash Management: Delete.Areas for transaction types oaxd ravclust Deprec.Req: Translate drilldown imdv rkes0101 App.Posted w/Clearing Acc F-92 sapmf05A Asset Retire.Omid sapmsnum Maintain Number Range: qmts omiw sapmopps BOM Explosion OMI2 sapmomd1 C MM-MRP Number Ranges: Mat.EO Activ KCH6 rcopca15 EC-PCA: Display standard hierarchy KCH6N KEO_start_NF_stec-PCA: Display Standard Hierarchy KCH6NX update KEO_start_NF_stec-PCA: Disp.References TBR0 rftbbb01 Posting journal TBR1 rftbcm00 Treasury: Create codes netting destinator TBR2 rftbcm00 Treasury: Change netting TBR3 rftbcm00 Treasury: Display netting TBR4 rftbcm00 Treasury: Reverse netting TBR5 rftbcm10 Treasury: Netting proposal list TBR6 rftbcm00 Treasury: Create reference TBR7 rftbcm00 Treasury: Change reference TBR8 rftbcm00 Treasury: Display.Table - Create Orders V/57 sapmv12A Output word - Cond.Lot MCV5 /1sdbf12L/RV14ACall Up Price List epped Displa MCV6 /1sdbf12L/RV14ACall Up Indiv.F9SR busviews paor Control: Field Groups F9SS busviews paor Control: Scrn.Table - Display BillD V/65 sapmv12A Output CondTable/Create SalesSuppor V/66 sapmv12A Output CondTab./Change Sales Suppor V/67 sapmv12A Output CondTab/Display Sales Suppor V/77 sapmv12A Output -ConditTable- Create Transpr V/78 sapmv12A Output -CondTable- Change Transport V/79 sapmv12A Output -CondTable- Display Transpor V/93 sapmv12A Output -CondTable- Create Packaging.