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Moon phase 21 june 2012

The cycle begins with the phase waxing (growing) crescent Moon visible in the west just after sunset.
However, this calculation assumes a perfectly circular orbit and makes no allowance for the time of day at which june the new moon moon happened, therefore may be incorrect by several hours (it also becomes less accurate the larger the difference between the required date and the.
These shapes, and the periods when the Moon shows phase them, are called the intermediate phases and last one-quarter of a synodic month,.38 days, on average.The moon lunar crescent can open upward or downward, with the "horns" of the crescent pointing up or down, respectively.4 Orientation by latitude edit In the Northern Hemisphere, phase if the left (east) side of the Moon is dark, then the bright part is thickening, and the Moon is described moon as waxing (shifting toward full june moon).If the right (west) side of the Moon is dark, then the bright part is thinning, and the Moon is described as waning (past full and shifting toward new moon).

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As the Sun sets, the Moon rises with the side that faces Earth fully exposed to sunlight.
The waxing crescent appears in the western sky moon in the evening, and the waning moon crescent in the eastern sky in the morning.Each complete cycle of phases is called june a " lunation ".Isbn External links edit General edit Educational aids edit.January 2012, phase, phase date, time Eastern, time Pacific.2 Half moon is often used to mean the first- and third-quarter moons, while the term quarter refers to the extent of the Moon's cycle around the Earth, not its shape.

It does not have any obvious effect on the appearance moon phase 21 june 2012 of the Moon.
Shoemaker, all parts of the Moon see around.77 days of daylight, followed.77 days of " night ".