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Game digimon rumble arena ps 2 for pc

PlayStation 2, GameCube, and the, xbox.
All "Black" Digimon have the ability to absorb energy while grabbing the opponent.
Patamon : Lowest statistics, but the fastest character digimon in game the entire game.
He can digivolve to BlackGarurumon and BlackMetalGarurumon.Poison adds a poison status which drains the holder's health; digimon it can be given to others.Guilmon : Somewhat weak physically, but moves very quick on his feet.Omnimon is unlocked after his defeat arena in 1-player mode.M's game information game and ROM (ISO) download page for Digimon Rumble Arena 2 (Sony Playstation 2).Diaboromon is unlocked after his defeat in 1-player mode.BlackGuilmon : A black version of Guilmon.Summon Phantomon - Phantomon will appear in at least one minute."Digimon rumble Battle Chronicle is a Digimon fighting game released in 2004.Champion level Digimon will either digivolve or degenerate depending on their current.He can digivolve to Agunimon and then BurningGreymon.File Size: 229.35 digimon MB, genre: Fighting/Beat 'Em Up, system: Sony Playstation 2, downloads: 1,015,931.

The Cannery is a pavilion factory with moving platformswhose the tubes on the sides instantly knock out arena a combatant.
Pick-ups the following items (arranged from most common to rarest) Health -The most common pickup in the game.
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Collection is a battle against 2-4 other opponents to get 50 points game by keeping the spirit egg to one's self.RubberTree Falls is a forest setting as well, need but with a waterfall and palm trees.If a Digimon touches Phantomon, he'll instantly KO it with his Shadow Scythe.BlackGabumon is unlocked by beating the game with two different characters, or beating BlackGabumon during a "Surprise Attack".Mini-Games Crazy Chase is a battle against 2-4 other opponents to be the first driver one to touch Culumon 20 times.Digivolution Convolution - All Rookie game Level Digimon will warp digivolve into their Mega forms while game Mega Level Digimon will Degenerate to their Rookie forms.Flamemon: Has low defense, good offense and good speed.BlackGabumon A need virus version of Gabumon.