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Cs go client v1.1

Collision_group_interactive 4 / client Collides with everything except interactive debris or debris.
Collision_group_door_blocker 14 / Blocks client entities not permitted to get near moving doors.
Collision_group_debris_trigger 2 Same as client debris, but client hits triggers.Collision_group_none 0, collision_group_debris 1 / Collides with nothing but world and static stuff.Collision_group_projectile 13 client / Projectiles!Collision_group_weapon client 11 / for any weapons that need collision detection.Collision_group_vehicle_clip 12 / vehicle clip brush to restrict vehicle movement.Collision_group_passable_door 15 / Doors that the player shouldn't collide client with.Collision_group_dissolving 16 / Things that are dissolving are in this group.Collision_group_player 5, 6, collision_group_vehicle 7, collision_group_player_movemen 8 / For HL2, same client as Collision_Group_Player.Collision_group_NPC 9 / Generic NPC group, collision_group_IN_vehicle 10 / for any entity inside a vehicle.Collision_group_NPC_actor 18 / Used so NPCs in scripts ignore the player.Collision_group_pushaway 17 / Nonsolid on client and server, pushaway in player code.

3 / Collides with everything except other interactive debris or debris.
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