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2008 r2 std max memory

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However, note that in 2008 std, the max server memory, for the most part, covers the buffer pool and the memory for other objects such as, linked servers, CLR, backup memory buffer, lock manager etc.
You can limit it using the "max server memory" setting.
Select counter_name, cntr_value from sperfinfo where object_name'sqlserver:Buffer Manager' and counter_name in Total pages Target pages.Simon over at put together this useful chart memory describing the max memory (RAM) limits for Windows 2008 (x86 and x64) and Windows 2008 R2 x64 and thought it was very useful so I'm posting here for reference.You are here: Home microsoft memory windows Server / Microsoft Windows Server 20 R2 Maximum Memory Limits.Windows Server 2008 Standard 4GB 32GB, windows Small Business Server 2008 4GB 32GB, windows Web Server 2008 4GB 32GB).

OP, SQL 2008 standard has slightly different memory memory allocations than the later versions.
With Windows Server visual 2008 R2 being codec the first x64 only version of Microsofts popular server operating system the maximum memory configurations are much simpler to remember. .
Although it being relatively straight forward to remember heres a table outlining the maximum memory limits of the various editions and versions of Windows Server 2008.
Version, maximum Memory Limit (x64 Only windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter 2TB.That's just how the memory was allocated in 2008.Windows need Server 2008 Enterprise 64GB 2TB.Windows Server 2008 R2 Foundation 8GB, windows Server 2008 R2 Standard 32GB, memory windows Web Server 2008 R2 32GB, version, max Memory Limit (x32).Things have changed in the later versions.Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise 2TB.I had SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard running on Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard with 32 GB of installed Memory.Comes from game outside the max memory allocation so you acfilter might still see memory going beyond the max memory setting.Result: name mem_MB min server memory (MB) 49152 max server memory (MB) 53248 7 day after change, "Total pages" and "Target pages" show.

Max Memory Limit (x64 windows Server 2008 Datacenter 64GB 2TB.
SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard 2008 r2 std max memory max memory was then increased from 28 GB to.
Can someone confirm SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard can actually use more than 32 GB for buffer pool?